"One of Kim’s strengths is in her ability to ask thought-provoking questions, and in doing so, she gets to the heart of issues and coaches other to do the same. "

-Executive, Southern Company 

   “One of the best examples of a true partnership between an owner and a contractor.”   

 -Thomas Dodson, 1 Energy, CEO and Former President at AMEC/Power & Process Americas 

Kim was instrumental in establishing building and trade alliances in the area of Environmental work.

-Executive, Southern Company

Other Client Testimonies

"Kim is a champion of diversity."

"Kim drives change."

"Kim fosters mutual respect."

"Kim listens, assesses, and provides a calming influence during times of crisis."

"Kim builds partnerships by recognizing the relative value that other organizations and stakeholders bring to the table."

"[Kim] is always calm, never rattled, and sets the tone for the team."